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      At Coastal Property Management, exemplary gardening services are our standard. No matter the size of the garden, lawn, or field, our expert gardeners are on hand to take on the job when you need them, transforming your garden from shabby to chic in the blink of an eye.

    From a simple trim and mow to maintain a garden, to more intricate or specialised gardening services, we are here to help, treating every blade of grass as if it were our own. Coastal Property Management gardeners are proficient with all the tools of our trade, including both push and ride on lawn mowers, meaning there is no garden too big or too small for us to cut and maintain to your exact specifications.


    We are also available for hedge clipping, cutting and maintenance, and weeding wherever such a service is necessary, as well as feeding grass and planted areas to ensure the proper growth. Coastal Property Management can provide our services for both front and back gardens, pathways and any grass or garden area of your property, maintaining a high standard in each and every area and showcasing your property as well as it should be.

    Whether you need our services for a holiday, rental, or commercial property, or for your domestic home, call on Coastal Property Management today for all of your gardening service needs. We serve all of North Cornwall, and a member of our team is always waiting to get back to you once you’ve made contact, by phone or through the website.

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