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    General Maintenance

    The everyday, general maintenance of a property is often the most tedious service that our clients have had in the past, but once they enlist the services of Coastal Property Management, that tediousness disappears. We specialise in doing General Maintenance for holiday homes, and it is one of our most requested services.

    We do not only offer our services to our clients, but to their guests directly. At any given moment something may break or be damaged and require immediate fixing or servicing. Coastal Property Management can handle such tasks and be on-call to deal with any such maintenance issues for your guests directly or for our clients when the property is vacant.

    Coastal Property Management takes care of both small and large General Maintenance issues, including erecting or fixing garden fences, roof repairs, front and back patios, or even installing new bathroom fixtures or replacing damaged ones.

    When it comes to our General Maintenance services, think of us as your on-call handy men, ready to take on any job at a moment’s notice, letting you and your guests rest easy knowing the job will be completed to the highest standard.

    Coastal Property Management also provide a painting and decorating service, so whether you are looking to give one or two rooms a touch up or refresh, or give your entire property a new look inside and out, we are at your service.

    Contact us today and speak to a member of our team about any and all of your General Maintenance needs, and let Coastal Property Management take care of things for you.

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