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    A part of any good holiday or vacation property service is the providing and regular cleaning of any and all linens and towels. We’ve all been in hotels where there weren’t enough, or worse, the linens and towels provided were dirty – which is a terrible way to begin a holiday or stay at a property.

    Coastal Property Management are happy to provide our clients with our Linen services, which ensures that problems like the ones described will never happen. We can provide your property with high quality clean linen and towels including re-supply during bookings keeping your guests happy. Our cleaning services can also clean your own linen if that is preferable. Our services run like clockwork, and we can work to a timing and schedule that you set up.

    Not only do we provide bedroom and bathroom products but also kitchen supplies and all manner of incidental items that might need regular cleaning and replacing. We can provide our services for as many or as little holiday or rental properties as our clients have.

    The sight of fresh bedding and fresh towels in a bedroom and bathroom are often an indicator of the beginning of a pleasant stay in a holiday home, rental property or hotel, so let us help get your guests off to a good start with our Linen services. Get in touch with us today, by phone or through our website, and a member of our team will get back to you.

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