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    Window Cleaning

    The windows to your property serve many purposes, but one of the main ones is serving as an initial look into the quality of your property. Sparkling clean windows are an indication of overall good general maintenance, and at Coastal Property Management we can offer Window Cleaning services that add that extra shine to your property.

    Coastal Property Management’s Window Cleaning services are available for all commercial and residential properties in and around North Cornwall, and we do so in as green and environmentally friendly way as possible. We use a water fed pole system, we only use purified water, and we are able to reach a height of 30 feet, or 9 metres, using our poles. Our staff are trained to clean windows thoroughly without wasting water or using any harmful chemicals or materials, meaning our services are hazard free in every way possible.

    As a holiday home or property owner, it can be incredibly disappointing to work hard to achieve an excellent standard of living for you, your family, or for your guests on the inside and outside of your property, only to be let down by the cleanliness of your windows both inside and out, and we’re pretty sure that your past, current and future guests will feel the same way.

    Don’t let dirty windows be the difference between a five-star review or rating, so get in touch with Coastal Property Management today and let us take your windows from dirty or simply clean, to absolutely spotless and gleaming.

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